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Grape-y! Six Grape Colored Lipsticks in Different Intensities.

I love grape colored lippies. They are purple, often with a hint of pink or rose. The difference between typical deep plum colors and what I call “grape” colors is the lack of brown tones.

Grape shades can make the lips look whiter, and are far less likely to emphasize bruised tones in your skin.

BUT - the catch is not all of them are easy to wear. The most violet or blue-toned ones can make the skin look a bit sallow, so make sure you have some blush handy.

Lancome Lip Lover 357 - Beginners’ grape. This shade looks purple in the tube but sheers out to a fuchsia-toned tint with slight blue pearl shimmer

OCC Strumpet - A grape with a lot of rose; this one can be worn almost like a regular rose/pink shade, but there’s less red, so it looks a touch more edgy and hip

Make Up Store Magic - An old favorite of mine. I avoid frosty lipstick like the plague UNLESS it is a dark red or purple-toned shade. Because it just looks wicked-cool.

Givenchy Gloss Interdit 15 - this is a deep plum with tons of silver sparks. The texture is semi-sheer, and I do think the best way to wear it is to layer this over a coat of dark lipliner. You get incredible twinkling lacquered lips.

Sephora Bewitch Me - This is the quintessential dark purple toned lip. It has a very blue-toned violet undertone so be careful to add a bit of pink blush if you have yellow-based skin like me. Otherwise you can look sallow in comparison.

Lime Crime Kaleidoscope - This thick sticky gloss is very high-maintenance, but gosh it is pretty. Not for wallflowers! This is a straight violet with a dramatic blue pearl. Wear it if you’re ready to be stared at.